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Hoang, A. T., & Pate , W. E., II. (2022, June). A systems perspective:  Difference lens for better measurement and outcomes. Presentation given at the 2022 European Evaluation Society conference in Copenhagen. 

Hoang, A. T., & Pate, W. E. II. (2022, June). Stakeholder Engagement Reinvented through Systems Thinking. Workshop given at the 2022 AEA Summer Institute. 

Hoang, A. T., & Pate, W. E., II. (2022, April). Systems Perspective:  Rethinking AND (Re)doing stakeholder engagement for more relevant evidence. Presentation [virtually] given at the 2022 Eastern Evaluation Research Society (EERS).

Hoang, A. T., & Pate, W. E., II. (2021, October). Measuring stakeholder engagement. Think Tank facilitated [virtually] at the 2021 Indiana Evaluation Association conference

Why our book chapter is relevant to the need for and possibility of an evolving evaluation design (and metrics) at the intersection of systems thinking and evaluation


Hoang, A. T., & Pate, W. E. (2021). Measuring stakeholder engagement:  A practical approach. In A. Bazan, N. Diamini, A. Estrada, A. Maheu, A. Mesnil, C. Mias, O. Piazza, and L. Poree (Eds.), Inclusion for Transformation. Paris:  F3E.

A Practical Approach to Measuring Stakeholder Engagement -
Thu Hoang and William Pate

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