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“What is…”

  • Evaluation? (evidence)

  • Science? (transparent, methodical, objective, self-aware subjectivity?)

Creative Office

We are


experienced consultants in M&E and program evaluation, we have interacted with stakeholders of all types in a variety of settings. Too often, we have seen Theory of Change (TOC) implemented as a one-time task to get things started for a logic model, never to be revisited. Further, we have seen and heard of too many instances where stakeholder engagement is either non-existent, assumed, or superficially done. We believe that evaluation can be done better.

Our purpose

is the intersection of systems thinking and evaluation transforms evaluation such that it is both more effective (addressing the right things) and efficient (removing obstacles, working iteratively) 

Our Goal


Is to help organizations and individuals design and implement evaluations that yield germane information leading to sustainability

Cool tools do not lead us to better outcomes.

They can only affect current practices with marginal/incremental improvements in measurement. This is too far downstream to make a meaningful difference. This is especially the case if the evaluation is focused on the wrong things.

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